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What We're About

At Krave Burger, we’re about amazing food, served at a reasonable price, in a comfortable, stylish environment.

We’re about quality; 100% pure beef burgers, completely filler-free, that sizzle on the grill and melt in your mouth.

We’re about process; sourcing foods locally and making sure they’re as fresh as possible. About taking the time to get it right; carefully preparing dishes like they were for friends and family. About every meal coming out of our kitchen – burgers and beyond - being top-notch.

We’re about our guests; making your time with us simple, and enjoyable. About less time wasted ordering and waiting, and more time relaxing while enjoying our food and your company.

We’re about service; ensuring that any type of appetite can be satisfied, that your every need is met, and that you’ll remember our staff for all the right reasons.

We’re about local; about supporting farmers and businesses in our community. We love where we live.

We’re about innovation; about evolving our menu, exploring new flavours and ideas, delivering pleasant surprises, and insisting on setting the standard.

We’re about creating a dining experience that you’ll truly krave.